It is no secret that the HVAC Industry has come leaps and bounds to make heating and cooling equipment extremely efficient compaired to Furnace and Air Conditioners of the past. If you are considering upgrading your HVAC equipment, we have put togeather a few key pieces of information to help you decide if a High Efficiency Furnace or High Efficiency Air Conditioner is the right choice for you.

How Much Will it Cost to Upgrade my Equipment to High Efficiency?

High Efficiency Furnace

As you can imagine there is a very noticable diffrance in cost going from a common 80% furnace to a furnace that is 92% effecient and above. the spacific difference will depnd on the HVAC company you choose. In my career I have noticed that the majority of HVAC specialists can charge as much as double for High Efficiency furnaces. The installation of the equipment is much more involved compaired to the installation of a 80% furnace, resulting in more material and labor cost in addition to the higher cost of equipment. With all that being said, this is what sets our company apart. We not only see the benefits of a High Efficiency Furnace for our customers but for the enviorment as well. In our opinion every piece of HVAC equipment installed today should be above 90% efficient. So we ask, How can we help to make high effency equipment affordable? The first key to this is expieriance. Through many years of experience installing furnaces and Air Conditioners we have been able become more efficient on the job and complete the installation of a High Efficiency Furnace in about the same time as a common 80% furnace without cutting corners. The other advantage we have is dealing with distributors that have the same aspirations to bring the entire heating and cooling world to higher and more efficient standards. Although there will probably always be a price difference in equipment, it is our mission to close the gap and make High Efficiency Furnace and Air Conditioning installs an option for all.

Aesthetic Differences when Upgrading to High Efficiency Furnace.

When you decide to upgrade to a High Efficiency Furnace, there are many things that wont change in your Furnace installation. But here are a few things that are very noticable: As you can see in this picture, High Efficiency Furnaces have PVC flue pipes rather then a common metal vent. This is possable because your new High Efficiency Furnace is pushing more heat into your home rather than loosing it out your flue pipe. A big advantage when using a PVC flue is the fact that you can install the pipes ending horizonal. This gives the option to terminate the pipes on the roof or out the side of your home.

Furnace line

Another new addition to your High Efficirncy Furnace installation will be the drain pipes. because your new furnace flue pipes are operating at a lower tempature, it will cause condensation in the pipe. think of it like the opisite of a cold soda on a hot day. If you already have air conditioning then you are proabably used to seeing small PVC pipes like in this picture. The furnace drain and Air Conditioner drains usually go to a near by floor drain or condinsate pump. this will be decided prior to your Furnace installation

In Conclusion, High Efficiency Furnaces and Air Condtioiners are the way of the future. They are better for the environment than standard furnaces and Air Conditoners. Although they are more expensive, our comapny has put priority on closing the cost gap to provide High Efficiency equipment to our customers.